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About us

dental surgeon in ahmedabad
Dr. Saumil Sharma(best dentist in ahmedabad) is commited to fostering a family atmosphere while helping each patient make informal decisions in dental clinic. Preserving and enhancing your smile is his top priority and he focusses on your dental & oral health by treating you as a member of the team in dental clinic.We provide Crown and Bridge, Root Canal treatment,Respiratory & Gastrointestinal Disorder, Skin Disease Treatment, Wisdom Tooth Removal, Uro-Genital Disorder , Gum Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontist, Psychiatric Disorder,Dental Implant, Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

Homeopathic surgeon in ahmedabad
Dr.Jaynika Sharma
is consulting Homoeopathy Doctor of our clinic. Smile Care Dental & Homeopathy offers most modern and sophisticated outlook to health, disease and the treatment. Any disease is no more treated as an isolated segment in the body but with a revolutionary totalistic approach. The motto is: Treat the patient as a whole, and not the disease in parts. Homeopathy is indeed, future medicine.

⇒We offer modern & Advanced Technology.
⇒We have hygienic infection control Systems.
⇒We maintain complete transperancy in our treatment.
⇒We have standard price list.

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