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crown and bridge dental service Smile is the curve that sets everything straight. This is dental clinic where our dentist improve the smile of the patients using modern technologies in Crown and bridge treatment.
Dental Crown and bridge are custom designed caps that fit over your existing tooth to increase its strength and restore the appearance and function of weak, misshapen or cracked teeth. A crown and bridge treatment in crown can improve the look of your smile and in many cases the people you meet won’t be able to find your crown from your natural teeth. Wanna have fabulous smile by crown and bridge treatment.
In crown and bridge Dental bridge get its name because it “bridges the gap” created by missing teeth. Bridge uses crowns on either side of tooth gap to support false teeth which makes it easier to chew and prevents teeth from being misaligned. To maintain the shape of the face, avoid teeth misalignment and to alleviate stress on other teeth by bridge, it is important to have missing teeth replaced. Dental bridge can greatly improve the appearance and functionality of your smile in smile care at ahmedabad.

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