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Dental Implant in ahmedabad A dental implant in ahmedabad is an artificial screw placed into the patients jaw to hold a replacement crown in place. It looks feels and functions like your own teeth. dental implant is made up of highly biocompatible ‘Titanium’ metal.
If there is missing one tooth, an Implant crown is a better option than the traditional Bridge work. Bridge requires the dentist to cut down the healthy neighbouring teeth for supporting the artificial tooth. Dental Implant not only replaces missing tooth but also helps in preserving bone and prevents the health of the neighbouring teeth.

Two stage dental implants: The replacement is completed in 2 stages which are spread over an interval of miniGum 3 months. The first stage involves the placement of the implant and requires one to two sittings. The second stage involves the placement of the artificial crown. One stage dental implant : Requires just one stage for the placement of implant and crown Using latest technology, patients with no teeth in the mouth can now get all of the fixed teeth on the same day of placing dental implants in smile care in ahmedabad.

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