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Oral surgery Wisdom tooth removal is the most common surgical procedure in the dentistry. Wisdom tooth usually erupts in the oral cavity at the age of 18-25 yrs. But is 60-70% of cases, it doesn’t have much sufficient space to erupt fully in the mouth. As it remains partially in the mouth, it causes severe infection of gums around the tooth and also damages the neighboring tooth. The best treatment is to remove the tooth which involves minor surgical procedure under local anesthesia. Other surgical procedures involve removal of cyst, tumors etc. Minor surgical procedures can be performed using Laser, which is completely painless and bloodless procedure. All the surgeries are performed with complete sterilization and asepsis procedure and every effort is made that there is no cross infection. All the surgeries performed at yashdeep dental clinic are under utmost attention from our highly skilled oral surgeons. We are also empanelled with some of the renowned hospitals to carry our complex oral surgeries and to offer our patients world class health care facilities with international standards of hygiene and sterilization.

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