Root canal treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in ahmedabad In ahmedabad the root canal treatment is a hollow cavity within the tooth that houses the rct part of the tooth- the pulp. The pulp provides nutrition to the tooth via blood vessels and gives feeling to the tooth canal via nerves. When the decay of the tooth has infected the nerves of the tooth (located in the centre of the tooth) or because of the trauma to the tooth ( nerves are opened) in root canal treatment, the best available treatment for saving the tooth is the Root Canal Treatment. Root canal treatment is the treatment in which, first the infected nerves are removed, the area is thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant and the area is then filled up with artificial nerves. The major advantage of the Root Canal Treatment is that the patient gets relieved of the pain and the tooth can be further used for the purpose of chewing without undergoing the stress of removal of the tooth in root canal treatment at smile care in ahmedabad.

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