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Urogenital Disorder treatment

menstrual Disorder


A menstrual disorder(Uro genital disorder ) is an irregular condition in a woman's menstrual cycle. Menstrual disorders (Uro genital disorder )are a disruptive physical and/or emotional symptoms just before and during menstruation, including heavy bleeding, missed periods and unmanageable mood swings. If one or more of the symptoms you experience before or during your period causes a problem, you may have a menstrual cycle "disorder."



Leucorrhoea (Uro genital disorder )is a condition where a whitish fluid is discharged from the genitals of a woman. There is a difference between the regular discharge and leucorrhoea. In order to maintain a healthy vagina and flush out harmful microorganisms from the vagina the body discharges a pale white and odorless fluid (Uro genital disorder ).Vaginal discharge is not abnormal, and causes of change in discharge include infection, malignancy, and hormonal changes in Uro genital disorder .

painful menstrual cycle


Menstruation(Uro genital disorder ) is a monthly occurrence for women in which the body sheds the lining of the uterus (womb), which is then passed through a small opening in the cervix and out through the vaginal canal. Painful menstrual periods are periods in which a woman has crampy lower abdominal pain, sharp or aching pain that comes and goes, or possibly back pain.Although some pain during your period is normal, excessive pain(Uro genital disorder ) is not.

Primary infertility(functional)


Primary infertility (Uro genital disorder )is a term used to describe a couple that has never been able to conceive a pregnancy after a minimum of 1 year of attempting to do so through unprotected intercourse. Causes of infertility include a wide range of physical as well as emotional factors. In humans, infertility may describe a woman who is unable to conceive as well as being unable to carry a pregnancy to full term. There are many biological and other causes of infertility, including some that medical intervention can treat(Uro genital disorder ).

Polycystic ovaries

POLYCYSTIC OVARIES(Uro genital disorder )

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) (Uro genital disorder )happens when a woman's ovaries or adrenal glands produce more male hormones than normal. One result is that cysts (fluid-filled sacs) develop on the ovaries. Women who are obese are more likely to have polycystic ovary syndrome.Women with PCOS are at higher risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Medicines can help control the symptoms. Birth control pills help women have normal periods, reduce male hormone levels, and clear acne(Uro genital disorder ).

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